Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Okkatots Carrier and giveaway alert!

Most people know that I LOVE my Baby Ktan Carrier, seriously a life saver in those early stages. I do still use it periodically but since my daughter is so much older (and heavier!) I generally use a simple pouch sling to carry her.

A while back I saw an Okkatots carrier on and I think the whole design is simply genius! I will definitely be looking more into this carrier when we decide to have another baby! This carrier has got to be the MOST versatile carrier I have ever seen. A few features are:

Exclusive Features of the Okkatots Front Baby Carrier

Extra Baby Carrier Features

  • Carry baby two ways: facing in or facing out 
  • Padded shoulder straps adjust for a perfect fit (approximately 28"-66" adult chest) 
  • Attachment on the OkkaBand for keys and pocket for small items, such as cell phone and toys 
  • Soft, terrycloth bib included 
  • Comes in two classic colors that are suitable for either parent: black with tan
    trim or tan with black trim 
  • Chiropractor recommended 
  • JPMA certified
  • Made of 100% "eco" cotton and machine washable 
  • Two-year manufacturer's warranty included

Wear facing in or out, take the baby out without waking, doubles as shopping cart harness? Seriously, I'm sold! Honestly even at $100 I'm in. This would normally be out of my price range but remember you can always stalk Babysteals and hope they have them on for a huge discount again :) 

Right now the Okkatots blog is hosing a giveaway! No its not for a carrier (I WISH!) but it is for their new product, a Backpack Diaper bag. This product looks equally as awesome. Head over by following this link where you can read up on the features of the bag and find out how to enter to win!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Tax Day!

For today only you can get 15% off your entire order from Lilah Moo!

You can view all products available at the Lilah Moo eBay store.
We have hooded towels, pacifier clips, burp cloth sets and crochet beanies in stock. With a variety of colors the hardest part will be to pick your favorite!

To order, you may order through ebay and just leave a note on the payment referring to the Tax Day sale and I will refunded you 15% of your order (shipping will not be discounted). OR you can send me an email to and I will send you a paypal invoice for the total cost. 

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome fans, I hope you take advantage of this special offer!

Dee's 31 Gifts has opened a special Lilah Moo Event.

The MARCH special is with every $31 order you get any purse for 1/2 OFF! In addition to this awesome deal, all Lilah Moo fans will receive 10% off their total order!

As an even MORE special for my fans, everyone that orders from this event will receive $5 Lilah Moo credit for every $20 purchased! (That's 25% back!) And once the event closes I will randomly choose one order to receive a very special prize!!!

To view the current catalog in full color, visit this link:

Also visit the event page here:

If you have any questions please contact myself or Dee's 31 Gifts

*** NOTICE! ***
Since this is still February, you will not see the adjusted price until the beginning of March. The orders will be manually adjusted and your credit card will NOT be charged until the event closes on March 7th.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Calling all moms of boys!

Yesterday a good friend of mine came by in desperate need of another hooded towel. As we sat around talking she said, "You need to start having more boy stuff." I told her she was crazy, I had plenty of boy items! Leg warmers, paci clips, towels, loveys... but these are not what she had in mind. She was looking for something almost 'strictly' boy, something that SCREAMS boy. So I ask you, my fans, mothers of boys, what type of items would you like to see for your boys? My friend mentioned ties, maybe in the future. But what kind of ties? Long ties? Bow ties? Button closure? Velcro closure? Or just plain ol' stretchy continuous elastic?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fan Appreciation giveaway is now CLOSED!

Welcome to the Lilah Moo fan appreciation giveaway! 
As you have worked hard to bring me fans, I have worked hard to bring you some of my favorite products created by amazing people. As a fan you have the chance to win awesome prizes! (I am jealous myself that I don’t get to enter to win!) Participating in this giveaway are 15 sponsors offering more than 25 prizes combined!!!

The ’Fan Appreciation’ giveaway will run from December 15th to 3 a.m. EST December 25th, 2010. Winners will be announced right here on the Lilah Moo blog and on the Lilah Moo fan page at noon on December 25th! (Merry Christmas!!)

Rules & Eligibly:
In order to qualify for any of the prizes you must ‘like’ ALL of the sponsor pages, whether you enter for their sponsored prize or not. These great companies took the time to participate in this giveaway and offer an item(s) for free; It’s really the least we can do for them right? <3

Here is the complete list of sponsors with links to their fan pages (links are also on each prize post for the corresponding sponsor):
'Like' Baby K'tan Baby Carrier on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' Cutiepoops Pocket Cloth Diapers on Facebook -  Click Here!
'Like' UME Boutique on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' The Monkey Shop on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' Angel Made Scents on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' CleanB Detergents on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' StephieMC Designs on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' ZeeBree Tie Dye and Gifts on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' The Crafty Mom's on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' The Cakepop Cottage on Facebook  - Click Here!
'Like' Her Royal Fatness on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' Fluffalumps on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' Bouncing Woolies on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' Dee's 31 Gifts on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' The I Like Book on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' Yeah Baby Boutique! on Facebook - Click Here!
'Like' Little Nurslings on Facebook - Click Here!  

Each prize will be listed in a separate blog post. In order to enter you will leave a comment on the blog post of the prizes you would like to win. There is no limit on how many prizes you may enter to win. By separating the prizes this way, it is my hopes that the fans can choose to enter whichever items they would like to win rather than win a package containing merchandise they can't use! (i.e. winning a princess package when you have 4 boys!)

Winners will be chosen random via at the end of the event.


Additional entries:
You can earn five additional entries for each order placed to ANY of the wonderful sponsors throughout the duration of the giveaway. You may split these additional entries between different posts or post them all on one prize you REALLY want to win. Purchases made before the start of the giveaway do not qualify. Forward your order receipt to for verification. I will the add your extra entries onto the prize(s) of your choosing.

(example - You made a purchase from Cutiepoops that earned you 5 additional entries. You could post 3 of your extra entries on the Baby Ktan prize and post the other 2 entries on the StephieMC prize)


Entry Format:
Each prize post will have a question such as “What item from the Lilah Moo store would you most likely buy?” In the post you will need to post your name, email address and answer to the question so that I can easily contact you if you are the winner. The example below is what your comment should look like -

Jessica Browne
My favorite item from Lilah Moo are the loveys!

This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada only. 
Giveaway ends December 25, 2010. Merry Christmas and Good luck!!!

Lilah Moo

This giveaway wouldn't be complete without offering something from my own shop! Since the hooded towel are such a hit, how about one of those?

Prize: One Lilah Moo hooded towel, choose from in-stock colors

To Enter: First, 'like' the Lilah Moo Facebook Page then leave ONE comment here to include your name, email address and also let me know what your favorite Lilah Moo product is!

The Monkey Shop

My favorite - Sock Monkey Lovey
I LOVE The Monkey Shop. I don't think I have ever wanted a sock monkey so bad until I saw one of her beautiful sock monkey loveys!

Prize: Gigi the Sock Monkey

To Enter: First, 'like' the The Monkey Shop Facebook Page then leave ONE comment here to include your name, email address and visit the The Monkey Shop Etsy store to let us know which monkey is your favorite!